Our process involves a verbal and physical assessment to diagnose the cause of your problem.  Our clinician will then discuss and agree an appropriate management/ treatment of your problem. Treatment may consist of a combination of manual and exercise based therapy, electrotherapy. The clinician may advise a referral to a specialist if appropriate. If you are unsure which treatment is for you why not give us a call on 07866696921 of email us at info@imaginerehabilitation.co.uk to discuss this with the clinician.

1. Determine your area of need

We would encourage patients to look at our website and familiarise themselves with the content especially the Where do you feel pain? This will help with your understanding and completing the appointment booking process.

process 2

2. Book your appointment at one of our clinics

Our Call Centre Team will be happy to book your appointment at one of our clinics. Following the booking of your appointment or should you have a clinical based enquiry one of our clinicians will contact you to discuss your requirements further.

3. Attend your initial assessment

You will first attend an initial assessment where a State Registered Clinician will take a detailed history of your condition together with any relevant past medical history. A physical assessment will then be undertaken during which the clinician will ask you a series of questions to understand how your problem started and what symptoms you are experiencing in order to determine a clinical diagnosis. The clinician will then work with you to develop an appropriate treatment plan. The aim of this unique programme will be to cater for your personal needs, maximize your rate of recovery and reduce the likelihood of a recurrence of the problem.

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4. Attend your follow up appointments

The clinician may suggest a number of follow up appointments to apply these treatments, suggest exercises and will modify the treatment plan as your condition progresses. If communication with your GP or another clinical setting is required such as a referral for a scan for example then with your consent the clinician will provide assistance with this process.