The Pain Toolkit concept originated back in 2002 when Pete Moore was writing a self management article for pain health care professionals in Europe. For practical tools and tips for managing persistent pain the video below is a must see to get you started on your road to recovery and improved quality of life.  

Lumbar Disc Herniation and Sciatica- Everything you need to know on this easy to watch educational video. Keep up to date with more information and great deals on our Facebook Page

This 5 minute education video will explain the very basic anatomy of the lumbar spine. Ever wandered what parts of the low back your therapist is referring to or what is a vertebra of disc for example then this video is for you. Having a very basic understanding of the anatomy of the spine is…

This educational video gives you practical advice and support re the management of chronic low back pain.  Main point to remember is to ‘STAY ACTIVE’.  

Prof Peter O’Sullivan does a great job of separating fact from fiction in relation to low back pain. If you have been suffering with long term back pain, have seen multiple practitioners over the years and have been given varied diagnosis for the cause of your back pain then this educational video will help you.

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