• 1. What happens at the first appointment / initial assessment?

    You will first attend an initial assessment where a State Registered Clinician will take a detailed history of your condition together with any relevant past medical history. A physical assessment will then be undertaken during which the clinician will ask you a series of questions to understand how your problem started and what symptoms you are experiencing in order to determine a clinical diagnosis. The clinician will then work with you to develop an appropriate treatment plan. The aim of this unique programme will be to cater for your personal needs, maximize your rate of recovery and reduce the likelihood of a recurrence of the problem. The clinician may suggest a number of follow up appointments to apply these treatments, suggest exercises and will modify the treatment plan as your condition progresses. If communication with your GP or another clinical setting is required such as a referral for a scan for example then with your consent the clinician will provide assistance with this process.

  • 2. When will treatment start following the first appointment?

    In most cases, there is time at the initial assessment to include treatment and self-management advice so you can start taking control and have the confidence that you are doing the right things. The clinician will provide assistance and guidance in areas such as exercises to promote recovery, the correct motion / movement and gels to assist with pain relief. During assessments the clinician will ask you to report any pain or sensitivity. The clinician will tell you whether this is likely to happen and will explain why this can be a normal, healthy tissue response. It can also help to inform the clinician to make a more accurate diagnosis and recommend a more targeted treatment plan.

  • 3. What should I wear for my appointment?

    Please note for certain types of appointment you may be required to remove certain items of clothing to enable a thorough assessment / treatment to be completed. A vest top would be suitable for most neck and upper back appointments and a pair of shorts would be suitable for most back and lower limb appointments.

  • 4. Do I need to consult my doctor before starting treatment?

    If you are paying for your own treatment, there is no need to see your GP first. However, under some Health Insurance policies you must see a Medical Practitioner (GP or Consultant) first, otherwise your treatment may not be covered by the policy. If the clinician requires further investigations or requires further information then via your explicit consent they will liaise with your GP on your behalf.

  • 5. How long are the sessions and how much do they cost?

    Initial assessments are either £40 for 30 minutes or £60 for one hour. Follow-up appointments are £35 for 30 minutes or £55 for one hour. For details of our other treatment sessions please see our pricing structure.

  • 6. How many treatments will I need?

    At the initial assessment the clinician will discuss a treatment plan with you and talk about possible treatment goals. The number of treatments needed to achieve a successful outcome will depend on certain factors such as the severity and nature of the problem, how long you have had it for, patient’s lifestyle and age / general “wellness,”. Following every consultation the clinician will discuss with you how your treatment is progressing and indicate the probable number of sessions that may be required. There is no predetermined number of treatments for a specific condition and response to treatment varies between individuals.

  • 7. Can I use my Private Medical Cover for my appointment?

    Imagine Physiotherapy Clinics Ltd is registered with a number of private medical insurance companies. If you have medical insurance you may be able to claim back some or all of the costs however we recommend you first contact your insurer to confirm you are indeed covered for the condition you have and the treatment required.   Checks you may wish to undertake with your insurer are:

    • Check you are covered for treatment of the condition you have and how many treatment sessions are available under your cover
    • Ask your insurer if you need a GP referral first before making an appointment with us
    • If your insurer confirms you are covered and can proceed please ensure you obtain the required claims form from them and take not of your policy number as we will require this as a reference
    • Find out if you have an excess on your policy that you are liable for – this is important as you may need to pay a certain amount as part of your policy agreement
    • Imagine Physiotherapy Clinics Ltd Limited will bill your insurer directly following your programme of treatments
  • 8. Can I bring a friend?

    Yes. You are welcome to bring someone with you to any of the appointments. We suggest all young people under the age of 16 are accompanied by an adult.

  • 9. How quickly will I be seen??

    Usually a client will have to wait no longer than 48 hours to be seen. However, if your are receiving treatment at our Hurworth facility, you may have to wait up to one week.

  • 10. Do we treat NHS patients?

    We don’t undertake work for the NHS and treatments must be paid for. However, we often see patients for just one or 2 appointments whilst waiting for the NHS.

  • 11. Do I need an Xray or MRI?

    No, but if you have a copy relating to the problem you are requiring treatment then it is advised that they bring the copies with them.

  • 12. What should I do?

    If you experience symptoms described on our conditions page, it is advised you book an assessment with one of our expert Clinicians. In the meantime, you should avoid activities which bring on your pain.

  • 13. What shouldn’t I do?

    You shouldn’t attempt to exercise through the pain. This can make your problem worse by causing further pain, weakness and dysfunction with a risk of prolonged recovery.

  • 14. What if I need to cancel my appointment?

    We understand that circumstances may arise where you need to either cancel or move an appointment. We ask that you provide as much notice as possible and contact us (please see contact page). Please be aware of our cancellation policy. You may be charged the full cost of your appointment should you fail to attend a pre booked appointment or cancel within 12 hours of your scheduled appointment.